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There''s no evidence of a Plunge Protection Team -- unless you look for it

Section: Daily Dispatches

4p ET, Saturday, April 5, 2003

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The spring dinner meeting of the Committee for Monetary
Research and Education, scheduled for Thursday, May 1, in
New York City, will be of special interest to us, since it
will begin with a presentation by a former New York Fed
official who was in charge of the gold vault there. The
meeting will include a discussion of the lawsuit Blanchard
amp; Co. has brought against J.P. MorganChase and Barrick Gold,
accusing them of manipulating the gold market.

So it would be good for GATA to be well-represented at
the meeting. At least your secretary/treasurer is planning
to attend and would be glad of any company.

The call for the meeting, issued by CMRE President
Elizabeth Currier, is appended here. Admission is $125,
and the food, drink, and company are always as good
as the speakers.

Please get in touch with Elizabeth if you would like to

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

Dear CMRE Members and Friends:

From the recent Federal Reserve Board statement:

quot;In light of the unusually large uncertainties clouding the
geopolitcal situation ... and their apparent effects on economic
decision making, the committee does not believe it can
usefully characterize the current balance of risks with respect
... for its long-run goals of price stability and sustainable
economic growth. ... Rather, the committee decided to refrain
from making that determination until ... uncertainties abate. ...
Heightened surveillance is particularly informative.quot;

Remarkable. We had prepared the May 1 meeting of the
Committee for Monetary Research and Education before
the Fed issued that report. We are certainly on target.

The Fed refers to quot;uncertainties.quot; We say quot;complexities.quot;
The Fed refers to the geopolitcal situation, and so do we.
Indeed, we offer quot;heightened surveillance,quot; which the
Fed recommends, and we are concerned about economic
growth everywhere.

All of which should encourage you to attend the May 1 CMRE
meeting.The speakers are highly qualified to clear away
much of the quot;clouding uncertainties.quot; Here they are:

-- H. David Willey speaks from his experience as a central
banker at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he
was in charge of its gold vault.

-- Walker F. Todd adds his extensive legal and market
knowledge of gold conditions.

-- You may read more about Brian Wesbury on the Internet
( or watch for him frequently on CNBC (Kudlow
and Cramer, and learn more about Chris Sanders and John
Laughland at All three are leaders
in their fields of economics and geo-political issues.

-- Sol Sanders of Washington, known by the distinguished
title of quot;Old Asia Hand,quot; brings special analysis of conditions
in Asia and growth there.

The discussion chairmen (all well-qualified themselves) will
add from their own rich experience and understanding of the
topics -- and there is always time for questions and answers.

Please note the changes from our usual order:

The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 1, and we will meet
at the Women's National Republican Club at 3 West 51st St.,
New York City.

Make reservations and payment as early as possible. Payment
at the door is fine, but we need a good reservation count in
advance for the banquet manager in advance.

Our e-mail address is:

If we do not have yours, please send it to us.

We hope to see you May 1.

Committee for Monetary Research and Education
10004 Greenwood Court
Charlotte, North Carolina 28215-9621
Telephone: 704-598-3717

* * *


Committee for Monetary Research and Education Inc.
Elizabeth B. Currier, President

CMRE Spring Dinner Meeting, Thursday, May 1, 2003
The Women's National Republican Club
3 West 51st St., New York City

The Complexities and Markets of War and Peace

Cocktails 5 p.m.

First Session 5:45 p.m.

H. David Willey on quot;Official Gold in Perspectivequot;
Willey is former vice president of the Federal Reserve
Bank of New York and former head of the foreign
department. He had charge of the New York Fed's
gold vault.

Chairman, Walker F. Todd
Todd is a lawyer, author, and former central banker

Open discussion of gold market conditions and legal issues
such as those raised by the case of Blanchard vs. J.P.
MorganChase and Barrick Gold.

Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Session II, 7:15 p.m.

Brian S. Wesbury on quot;Monetary Policy and Bubbles.quot;
Wesbury is first vice president and chief econonist
for Griffin, Kubik, Stephens amp; Thompson Inc. of
Chicago and The Wall Street Journal's No.1 economic
forecaster in 2001.

Chris Sanders on quot;Conditions for Growth: New World
Order or Balance of Power?quot;
Sanders is a banker and asset manager in London
and a principal in Sanders Research Associates.

Chairman: the Hon. J. William Middendorf II, former
secretary of the Navy, former ambassador to the
Netherlands, and investment banker.

Session III, 8:30 p.m.

John Laughland on quot;European Geopolitics and the Warquot;
Laughland is an author and independent columnist for
the U.S., British, and European press and a member of
Sanders Research Associates in London.

Sol Sanders on quot;Asia: Geopolitics and the Economiesquot;
Sanders is a journalist, political commentator, and old
Asia hand in Washington.

Chairman: Walter Cadette, former banker and diplomat
and fellow at the Jerome Levy Institute of Economics at
Bard College.