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In the battle of the elements, gold has gleamed through the ages

Section: Daily Dispatches

By James Dacey
Physics World, Bristol, England, UK
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The ancient Egyptians believed that their gods had shimmering skin made from gold. The Aztec word for gold, "teocuitlatl," literally translates as “excrement of the gods.” From ancient Rome to the California gold rush, this dense shimmering metal has been immutably connected with divine quality and the sense of opportunity.

The reason for this is simple: gold is the most special element of them all.

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Gold is so revered because of its irresistible combination of beauty and rarity. All the gold mined in the history of mankind would fit into an Olympic swimming pool, so they say. Today we present our loved ones with gold rings to symbolize lifelong bonds. Governments hoard gold bars to safeguard their futures, and the finest athletes on the planet compete for gold medals. Even the idea of gold permeates our cultures, as we speak about “golden hearts,” “gold standards,” and “golden opportunities,”

But it’s not just bankers and newlyweds who have a special relationship with gold. Scientists and engineers also covet gold on account of its superlative and complementary properties.

Gold is a great conductor of electricity and heat, while being hard and resistant to corrosion. It’s also freakishly malleable, meaning a little can go a long way. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, an ounce of gold can be beaten into thin gold leaf sheets of 187 square feet. This winning combination is particularly useful in electronics for creating robust switches and connectors in the computers and phones that have transformed our societies. ...

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