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Europe dove into negative rates and now can't find a way out

Section: Daily Dispatches

By Catherine Bosley
Bloomberg News
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Europe's unconventional experiment with negative interest rates to spur economic growth and inflation is looking like a trap.

Five years into what was supposed to have been a temporary shot in the arm for the euro area, the European Central Bank still hasn't achieved its goals and may be about to push rates even lower. Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark have also stepped over the zero bound, once seen as the lower limit for monetary policy.

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With global economic growth slowing, negative rates are staying around. But the longer they persist, the louder the criticism grows. They're blamed for weakening banks, expropriating savers, keeping dying companies on life support, and fueling an unsustainable surge in corporate debt and asset prices. ...

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