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Section: Daily Dispatches

Boudewijn Wegerif

I am known as a monetary reformer. Now that I have come out for gold
with the Gold Anti-Trust ActionGATAI am taking flack.

"He who has the most gold winsi.e. controls the world and market place,
not to mention human lives," one critic has written. "The hoarding and
dumping of gold, and the demonetization of silver caused practically all
of the economic hardships (depressions) of the last century and the
early part of this century."

Ah yes, but what about the latter part of this century? I ask in

The impact of today's misuse of gold from Wall Street is far more
devastating and oppressive on the world than the earlier use of gold as
a monetary instrument of imperial oppression from London.

There is a tremendous irony in what is happening. Thus my critic draws
attention to how when William Jennings Bryan ran for president of the
U.S. he gave a speech, the famous Cross of Gold Speech', in which he
stated that America was being crucified on a cross of gold, and I reply:
Yes, that's right, at that time America most certainly was crucified on
a cross of gold. However, it is equally accurate to say that the fiat
dollar is now the currency of the world's crucifixion.

Then, of course, my critics come up with a religious argument. "The
mythos of gold is religious and needs to be debunked," I am told. Jah
sough, I say in Swedish (to phonetic spelling). Is that so? Well, you
will have as little success trying to dismiss gold as the communists had
trying to dismiss the churches.

Just consider this: It is estimated that some 700 tonnes of gold will be
imported into India this year (that is a quarter of world production)
and that almost one thousand tonnes of gold will have been given away at
eight million weddings (more than a third of world production).

What are you going to do with all those Indians who insisit on holding
on to their gold in your perfectly engineered, reformed world? Cremate
them? Put them in psychiatric hospitals?

To those who see religion as the opium of the people, I say: Okay, but
be consistent, see in gold the security of the people.

Gold is not just another commodity. Gold represents real values and
cannot be separated from the absolute value of God.

I have been reading all the messages of support for GATA. There is a
financial interest, of course; but underlying this is the clear call to
give to gold its rightful place, as an enduring measure of value.

Maybe all trade offs in society will one day happen through digitised
reckonings. Then we will have a money-free commercei.e. survival will
no longer depend on the money we hold as a measure of wealth and our
standing in society. But money as the measure of worth is not going to
disappear just because it is no longer needed for commerce, so survival.
On the contrary, in that day, gold and silver money coins will be
honoured and treasured once more for what they arereflections of God's

Boudewijn Wegerif
Co-Vice-Chair GATA and Moderator GATA egroup
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