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VIEWPOINT, Gold Coins and Indian Deposit Scheme

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hullo GATA Members,

Here is a story that I (Boudewijn Wegerif, the GO GATA Moderator) know
you will appreciate.


In the last day or so, I have noticed very ACTIVE promotion of GATA on
the Gold Eagle and Kitco forums, and very often alright, let's be
honest, most often still from somebody signing himself as YGM. If all
you other GATA supporters got as active for GATA as YGM it could be
curtains to the bullion dealers' collusion by Easter.

Anyway, reading through the YGM postings I asked myself, "YGM? YGM? Why
that must be short for Yukon Gold Mine?" So I went through the GATA
members' list and came to what I thought was the right match for the
name YGM, and I approached this person outright and asked, "Ken Reser,
is this you doing wonderful work for GATA?" And he came back right away
in the affirmative! "Yes, it's me."


GATA thanks you, too, for organising this morning's posting in the
Economics Section of the newspaper Russia Today - -

The posting reads:
"Do you really want the truth about Gold & the manipulation of pricing
by Wall St. & Central Banks? Do you want to know of whats in store for
Gold in near future? Then visit these web sites & Read! Gold Anti Trust
Action (lawsuit over price fixing in U.S. by international committee)


"I left out Midas cafe ( as we don't want to be
interpreted as selling anything, and they'll find it if they look at the
rest. This is a
covert op code name "Golden Bullshit Repellant" (GBR) Full Speed

"The world is our oyster if we dig in & do it. Tomorrow there will be
postings in other newspapers round the world."

As Ken put it in a posting at Gold-Eagle's Forum:

"If all forum posters & viewers were to find only five or more
Discussion Groups out of the Gold arena and shed some light we could
make a drastic difference in GATA awareness campaign. Plus help change
the Gold awareness level in new areas. (we know GATA is
being heard, just not far enough). We need no opening spiels when
posting, just a line like---'Do you want the truth about Gold & what is
really happening in the world of price manipulation & what lies
Let curiosity do the rest. Many converts couldn't be told, they had to
figure it out for themselves. I'm a good example. Fighting back feels
good when all else fails.

"Remember curiosity will get em! Plus I've had many thank you notes for
turning someone on to G-Eagle & GATA. They in turn tell others & so on.
So anyway just a simple opening line and then these 3 Links---- (Editorials)"


In a few weeks time, come Spring, Ken Reser is off to his mine, in the
Yukon of course, and he has pledged the first two ounces of gold from
this year's production to GATA.


" It is very hard for me to remain patient with gold prices when I
normally am out of doors but curtailed by winter so I keep things
stirred up with the computer. I do think I've made a few folks take a
deeper look at the Golden Picture though. I never felt as good all this
boring winter as when Bill & crew got Gata going. I sent out 467 e-mails
in ten days with the GATA mandate attached. Man that was great. I even
sent them to B.I.S. and Anglogold's law firm in London, World Gold
Council you name it. Nobody was safe. And it felt GOOD cause they can't
hang up."


And thank you for your appreciation of the Very Strange Story we posted
a few days back. I noted your comment at Kitco on March 4 11.01 that
you found the revelations in this story so profound, you had to return
to to do a cut and paste.

I also noted how you became highly, and rightly, philosophical. It was
reading this next YGM posting at Kitco that had me looking out for who
you might be:


"But the only way to change all that ( if at all possible ) is to take
back the control of our wealth. 70 percent of the world's gold is in
private hands. The bankers want it and they make and break politicians
and countries. Until all the power they expend is diminished we'll get
nowhere. How can we achieve this? I'm not sure. But all I know is to
fight back with the only weapon we have & that's the net & the sharing
of info. and get united in one huge voice. Anyway by visiting & posting
@ sites like Kitco, golden-eagle, GATA, Lemetropolecafe, GATA egroups
etc etc.

"Then we can have some hope and possibly feel less impotent in the
scheme of things. We definitely need to unite in support of All these
sites. If we succeed wwith Gold maybe that in itself will help even the
American farmers; and if not, we can focus our energies on that issue
next. Gold will win soon I feel. I'm convinced and I want to tell others
to learn whats behind the scenes. YGM"