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Join GATA at the New Orleans Investment Conference in November

Section: Daily Dispatches

6:20p ET Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

....Do you know what it means
....To miss New Orleans?

Louis Armstrong did, and GATA sure does too. Many of the contacts and friendships that got our organization going were made at the New Orleans Investment Conference, which generously (and courageously) gave us a part to play back when government intervention against the gold market was not as believed and understood as it is now.

Of course last year's conference was washed out along with much of New Orleans itself by the devastating hurricane and the breach of the city's levees. But heroic efforts have put the city back in working order, and the famous and scenic French Quarter was not badly damaged to begin with. So the 2006 New Orleans Investment Conference is revving up for Wednesday through Sunday, November 15-19, and we wish that you'd join us there.

The New Orleans Investment Conference is probably the grandest, most attendee-friendly, and most hard-investment-oriented investment conference in the United States. At the onset of winter, it has the perfect balmy location. But of course you can go on vacation any time and anywhere you want.

What you can NOT do any time, anywhere is listen to and question so many experts. In addition to GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, this year's speakers at the New Orleans Investment Conference will include GATA supporters Bob Bishop, John Embry, Peter Grandich, James Turk, and Frank Veneroso. You've heard of Steve Forbes, Jim Rogers, and Doug Casey -- and they'll be speaking in New Orleans too.

Dozens of mining and natural resource companies will be exhibiting at the conference.

Further, GATA hopes to hold a reception and dinner during the conference -- on Saturday, November 18 -- where we can get together with friends from around the world. More about that in a few days.

Right now the important thing is to register for the conference and reserve your hotel room -- the quicker, the better, since the conference registration fee rises as the conference draws closer and the convention hotel will get booked fast. Through Thursday, August 31, conference registration will be $695 for one person and just another $350 for a second registration. After that, rates will rise by $100. Rooms at the conference hotel, the Marriott on Canal Street, start at $198 per night.

Everything you need to know about the conference can be found at its Internet site here:

When you register online, PLEASE help GATA by designating us as the organization through which you heard about the conference. There's a window at the bottom of the Internet registration form for that, and the conference will pay GATA a commission for each GATA supporter who attends. (Those commissions may come in handy in case the Plunge Protection Team comes looking for Murphy with a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay and we need a lawyer fast.)

There is a huge amount of information at the conference's Internet site. Browse through it when you have a few minutes, and think seriously about joining us in New Orleans. As Louis sang:

.... I dream about magnolias in bloom
.... And I'm wishin I was there.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.