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U.S.-based lender touts a dollar carry trade

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Company Press Release

ATI Funding Says Dollar's Freefall
Creates Once-In-Lifetime Opportunity

Friday, May 25, 2007

MIAMI -- ATI Funding is able to finance foreign companies as well as foreign governments on equipment and construction loans originating from the USA without collateral up to 100 percent financing. ATI Funding's new program will also finance US companies exporting US products at rates and conditions never seen before.

When Kuwait unpegged its dinar from the US dollar on Sunday, May 20, it signaled the possible beginning of an accelerated decline in the value of the greenback.

"The massive decline in the dollar's exchange rate against main currencies ... has contributed to the increase in local inflation rates and this step is part of the central bank's efforts to curb inflationary pressure," Sheik Salem Abdul-Aziz al-Sabah" said in a statement published by state news agency KUNA.

"The decreasing dollar pulled down the value of Kuwait's Dinar causing the cost of imports to dramatically increase. Other Gulf states may soon follow," according to Vince Defauwes of ATI Funding. "This will quicken the dollar's fall."

"As more countries unpag their currencies, there will be less demand for the greenback. The trend is definitely lower for the forseenable future."

In fact, many foreign countries can receive a "financial bonus" when borrowing from US lenders.

"With the US dollar falling like a rock, many of our borrowers are realizing significant savings on their loans," commented Defauwes of ATI Funding. "A year ago, one US dollar bought 0.81 Euros. Today it buys .073 Euros. That's almost a 10-percent drop."

"If you borrowed US$1 million (810,000 euros) a year ago, when you went to repay it today, you would be writing a cheque for 730,000 euros", according to Defauwes. "That's a nice 80,000-euro saving."

The long term trend for the US dollar remains downward. A fact which made the cover of a recent Newsweek edition. This downward US dollar trend will likely continue until the US government addresses its trade and budget deficits.

Until then, local and national governments, state run businesses such as hospitals, airports, universities, or ports, along with residential and commercial developers and other well-run businesses should review their borrowing needs and where they finance their projects in the US and abroad.

Major factors to consider when financing or refinancing your projects are whether you are overpaying interest annually, if your payments are monthly or bi-annual, and how much collateral is required if any.

About ATI Funding:

ATI Funding is a private domestic and international lender that specializes in loans from US$3 million to $50 million and above for commercial and residential real estate developments.

Contact Information:
Vince Defauwes
ATI Funding
One Turnberry Place
19495 Biscayne Blvd.
Suite 708
FL 33180

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