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Section: Daily Dispatches

December 30, 2000

Dear GATA:

Below is the text of a letter urging support of the
GATA lawsuit that I sent today to the the chairmen and
chief executive officers of the South African gold
mining companies in which I hold stock: DROOY, RANGY,

In the coming week I will send the same letter to the
U.S. and Canadian companies whose shares I own: AEM,
PDG, NEM, FN.TO, GSR, GLDR, and -- what the hell --
even to good old ABX.

If we could get enough folks doing this kind of thing,
it might encourage the mining companies to get off
their tails and try to do something about the price of
their product.

Providing some financial support for the lawsuit would
be a good start.

If I don't get any response to these letters in a
couple of weeks, I'll hit them again. If they don't
support GATA, I want to know why.

I'll forward to you any responses I get.

Good luck on your trip to South Africa.

C.G., Oaxaca, Mexico

* * *

December 30, 2000

Dear Sir:

As a stockholder in your company I have been completely
dismayed by the weakness in gold share values over the
last few years. Clearly, much of this decline must be
attributed to the ridiculously low price of gold.

Mounting evidence indicates this low price is a direct
result of manipulation and intentional suppression
being carried out by central bankers and politically
connected bullion banks.

Of course forward selling by gold mining companies has
not helped either.

It's hard to believe that a low gold price can be of
any benefit to a gold mining company, its employees or
it's stockholders. It would seem that you people, the
mining companies, should be doing everything possible
to expose and put a stop to any possible suppression of
the price of your product.

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, an organization
with which I would hope you are familiar, is supporting
a lawsuit recently filed in federal court in the United
States by Reginald H. Howe. This lawsuit details the
manipulation that has been taking place in the gold
market, and names as defendants the people involved.
The details of this lawsuit may be viewed at the
following URLs:

a href=


a href=

If you are contacted by GATA and asked to provide
financial support for this lawsuit, I, as a
stockholder, would urge you to do so. It's time that
the price of gold be allowed to rise and reflect the
true supply-and-demand fundamentals that should be
driving this market.

The GATA-supported lawsuit may be instrumental in
causing this to happen. I believe it is your
responsibility to the stockholders to do everything in
your power to operate our company at a profit and to
provide a fair return for investors. Clearly, a higher
price for gold would help to achieve this end.

I would appreciate being advised of your intentions in
this matter, your opinion of the lawsuit and its
allegations, and if you should decide not to provide
support for the lawsuit, your reasons for not doing so.

Respectfully yours,

C.G., Stockholder