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Change of time, to 10.30 am, for Bill Murphy radio interview

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I am just letting the words flow here, GATA members; with a hello,
leading straight into, well I've just heard the interview -- Bill
Murphy speaking to Rafe Mair on Radio CKNW 98, Vancouver, with
(speaking as a baseball enthusiast) a home run in the third session.

It is to me amazing that I am able to come straight on line here in
Sweden within five minutes of hearing Bill strike our

Worldwide website listening possible for Murphy radio interview

Section: Daily Dispatches

GATA friends,

Bill Murphy has been told, his Radio Interview tomorrow is at 10-30
a.m. Vancouver time, for half an hour, not 10 a.m.

GO GATA, Go Gold,

Boudewijn Wegerif (Bodwin)
Moderator GATA E-Mail Group



NEWS FLASH -- Leading Daytime Radio Interview

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Hellow GATA members,

Doug Byron and Ray DeMoss between them put me wise to the fact that

The website for the radio station that Bill will be interviewed on is
http://www.cknw.com10:00 AM PDT Thursday


You can listen in worldwide on Real Audio Download, which is
available on free demonstration

Good listening,


YGM Ken Reser has pointed to some VERY interesting postings at

This week''s E-mail Campaign posting

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA members,

Yes, the E-mail Campaign has scored a Radio Station Plus. As a result of
Don Bogle's initiative, relayed to you in the E-mail Campaign posting
earlier this evening, GATA chairman Bill Murphy is to be interviewed on
the leading daytime radio program in Vancouver on Thursday at 10 AM. It
is the Reif Mair Show on Radio station CKNW . ("98 on your dial," Bill
tells me; but I am not sure I will be able to pick it up here in Sweden.

Gold for Steadfast People, other VIEWPOINTS and Murphy Update.

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Friends of GATA and Gold,

There are four subjects covered in this week's E-mail Campaign posting:

# Contacting Your Local Radio Stations for GATA
# Promoting GATA Through the Gold Links
# A Shareholder's Challenge
# Texts and Lists for E-mailing Mining Companies

And in Item 5 I introduce DE GOLDMINE LINKS WORLD, which has given
prominence to GATA, and from where you can visit what looks like all the

1. Naming the Colluders; 2. Beat Debt, Buy Gold

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members,

Today's VIEWPOINT postings are mostly about Gold for Steadfast People.

Within an hour of posting my Easter reflection exposing the colluders
and describing how Chris Diethelm has beaten debt with gold, Rod Michel

"I like the new strategy of GATA to educate people to the value of gold
and silver and other hard assets vs fiats. This sounds like a viable
plan that would have the greatest effect. Education is the answer. Keep

Responses from Members to Challenge Facing GATA

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear fellow members of GATA,

This Easter weekend has been a time to reflect; as many of you have been
reflecting, I am sure.
With Art Bell, for example: "The World is not a nice place and OUR BOMBS
will not make it so." ( )

Or along these lines of Albert Einstein: "I know not with what weapons

U.S. Rep Ron Paul Acts to Counter I.M.F. and abolish Fed.

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear fellow members of GATA,

A few days ago, in a commentary The Challenge Facing GATA, I shared how
Princeton Economics International has forecast that gold will sink to the $200
range by mid-2000 -- after which 'a gold bull into 2003 and perhaps 2007 with
the price of gold moving to $1000' is anticipated. I had received the
information from GATA member Bruce Pugesek, who is a subscriber to the PEI


Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear friends of GATA and Gold,

I am very pleased to bring you the following letter and information from
GATA member Richard Harmon about Congressman Ron Paul, the 14th District
in Texas that Ron Paul represents, and his statement of support for
Congressman Saxton on the I.M.F. gold sales issue. The whole deserves
careful reading.


We must each write our representatives in Washington expressing our

E-MAIL CAMPAIGN, the first of what will be weekly postings

Section: Daily Dispatches

Friends of GATA and gold,

Here are two

In the first, Bill Murphy writes about the GATA Committee trip to
Philadelphia to meet with lawyers at Berger and Montague, and reviews
GATA's plan of action.

In the second, Marshall Auberback, who works in the City of London and
is a good friend of Bill Murphy, shares a clear insight into how the