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GoldMoney launches gold payroll and gold payout applications for BitGold business platform

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Company Announcement
via Business Wire, San Francisco, California
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

TORONTO -- GoldMoney Inc., a financial technology company that operates a global, full-reserve, and gold-based financial services platform, is pleased to announce the launch of gold payroll and gold payout applications for the BitGold Business platform. The engineering and launch of the gold payout application completes another milestone in the build out of the BitGold B2B and B2C ecosystem.

The gold payout application is a free-enterprise software tool for BitGold Business accounts that allows clients to set up and automate recurring payments to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number. The payout application is designed to streamline international payroll, dividends, rebates, reward payments, partner and affiliate payouts, micro-payments, and more. Built on top of a global, closed-loop, and full-reserve account structure, the payout application allows for instant settlement of cross-border value transfers, which can also be automated to settle into any currency given the global nature of gold. ...

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A Contrarian's Call Option on Gold

Sandspring Resources' Toroparu project in Guyana is the fourth-largest gold deposit in South America held by a junior mining company.

Experienced backers of Sandspring Resources include Silver Wheaton, the John Adams / Energy Fuels group in Denver, and Frank Giustra’s Fiore Group in Vancouver.

A 2013 preliminary feasibility study shows strong economics for this large-scale mine at US$1,400 gold. With a current gold price below US$1,300, Sandspring is for investors who believe that gold price suppression will be overcome.

For a detailed report on Sandspring Resources by Tommy Humphreys of CEO.CA, please visit:

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